A pet’s coat reflects of their well-being, healthiness and happiness! Boston Barks groomer’s will pamper your dog from head to tail assisting in promoting a healthy coat by appropriate bathing, brushing and trimming for coat care. We use the best shampoos for your dog’s coat to send them home smelling and feeling their best!

Boston Barks groomers will take great care of your dog with an all-inclusive perspective, sharing experience and knowledge regarding your pet’s coat, skin, nails and tooth care. Our capable groomers can recommend coat care products to keep your dog looking, feeling and smelling great until the next grooming visit!

To start, a pet bath is not just a bath; it is a process that must be done thoroughly and properly, starting with the right shampoo to multiple rinses, and a high-powered blow dryer to remove dead skin and completely dry the coat.

Our professional pet grooming services are available Monday thru Friday, and we would love an opportunity to earn your business!


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